As the youngest sibling in a large family I was a spoilt child and I soon learned how to get my own way in everything. How to control people. How to be the boss.

It was only natural that as an adult I should hold managerial posts in banking and IT where I was in charge. I loved having underlings to boss about but ultimately felt unsatisfied. I needed more scope for my dominant nature.

Then I discovered the world of FemDom through Mistress Abby St Clair. I became her apprentice, learning from her the expertise required to be a Dominant Mistress: the psychology of the Mistress-slave relationship, the skills of administering punishment, the art of exquisite bondage.

I developed a taste for beautiful Fetish clothes, and for fine, hand-crafted implements of torture and punishment.

The more discoveries I made in this world, the more I revelled in my new-found power. Feminine Domination is now my life. My passion.